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6 Reason to Tint Your Vehicle

6 Reason to Tint Your Vehicle

1. Privacy 

Let’s face it, in some of the situations; it's always a good idea to keep a low profile. Tint guards your privacy no matter where are you and what surrounds you. Not to mention tint is not designed for vehicle security, window tint can protect the things inside your vehicle when you’re not around.

2. Upholstery Protection

The heat and UV rays from direct sunlight can turn your upholstery into a mess in a few short years. Car tint keeps your car interior from getting hot enough to warp, fade, or crack, and blocks up to 90% of harmful UV rays from entering.

3. Skin Health Protection 

According to the skin research done by the skin cancer center, the average person in America spends 55 minutes each day behind the wheel, this could equal about 15,000 miles per year. You can imagine how much direct sunlight exposure this to your skin, also research shows that a UV-protection film can reduce sun damage by 93%. In this alone tinting, has become a necessary rather than a luxury. 


4. Better Driving 

Almost all of us have been driving down the road with the glaring sun in our faces, this is not just annoying, but it's extremely dangerous. Window tint protects your eyes and prevents glare from all sources of extreme light. 


5. Shatter Proof

Window tint helps to keep your vehicle's window from shattering upon impact in the event of an accident. This can go a long way to protecting the health and lives of your loved ones and passengers. 


6. Keeping Cool

Keeping cool goes hand in hand with skin health, now knowing how much UV rays and heat our skin can take while we are in our cars, window tinting you can reduce heat inside your car in the scorching summer months by over 60%. Living in sunny Florida we are all very familiar with hot summer days year around. Tint Boss also carries Ceramic film upon request, this film blocks 99% of UV rays and keeps your vehicle cool throughout the day. 

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