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Care of Tint after Installation

Care of Tint after Installation

Keep your windows up:
The most important item to remember is to not roll down your windows. At Tint Boss we provide you with a removable tape that is placed in your window panel. This is to remind you to not roll down your windows after you leave the shop. We recommend to keep your windows up for for a minimum of 3-5 days.

Car window tint is applied to the inside of the glass. This is done to shield the tint from damage from road debris and any element that might damage the tint from the outside. By rolling down your window during the first few days, it can cause damage to the tint and can lead to the need for reinstallation.  

Water Pockets are normal: 
When you see your freshly tinted car, you might notice small bubbles or water pockets in the new tinted windows. This is a normal behavior of tint. To give you a bit of background on how tint works, the color or ink of the tint is in the glue that help the tint adhere to the glass window. At the time of application bubbles created by the air that has not yet been filled with the colored glue will go away. We recommend giving your tint an average of 5 days to see the final result, once the tint is completely dry, the bubbles or water pockets you saw the first day should be gone.

Do not clean your windows:
Due to the required dry time of tint adding any additional cleaning products to your freshly installed tint can damage the final results. We recommend waiting 30 days after installation to clean the film or use the rear defroster if tint was applied to your rear window.

Keep those paws away:
Even thou tint is exceptionally durable and scratch resistant, a deep enough scratch damage the tint, know that we know tint applied to the  inside of the window keeping your pets away from the window is strongly recommended. 

Monica Galvis